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Motivation for Children

10 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Study Motivation for children is hot topic in schools and at home. How can we get the best out of our kids? Homework is a way of helping your children review their lessons and enhance their skills which are taught in their...

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Mindfulness Meditation

Learn to Appreciate Life to the Fullest What is mindfulness meditation? Troubled? Worried? Exhausted? Do you really want to be more tranquil and peace? Do you want to calm down you mind and tame your thoughts? Do you want to realize contentment? Mindfulness meditation...

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Motivation and Emotion

Developing A Positive Outlook Motivation For humankind, emotions are part of our very nature; our make-up. But why? Why do we behave in certain ways? Psychologists have observed that our motivation comes from instinct or goals. Achievement or the sheer passion for a...

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