Kids Who Thrive -Signature Course

Kids who Thrive Course

Kids who thrive is a course for parents with a children’s component. Learn the skills to help your child develop confidence, stress management, empathy, kindness and other key skills that will help them to thrive in not only their childhood but throughout their life.

Research backed Tool and Strategies

This course is research based and provides very high value and innovative ideas to help your child to thrive.

Service Features


Each module has fun and informative videos with explanations, tips, tools and ideas on how to work with the materials in the course. Watch the videos at your leisure and implement the ideas as you go along! You have access to all materials for one year!


The course is jam packed with activities for your child to do with your help. The kids workbook offers an array of interactive activities for you to use. In addition, there is a parents lesson book, research articles, tools and cheatsheets to help you through the modules. You have access to all materials for a full year!

Private Facebook Group

This is a private group only for members of the Kids Can Thrive Course. Share with other parents, read valuable content and intereract directly with me. I will be live in the group 4 times throughout the course to help you!

1-1 Coaching session

Also included is one high value, 30 minute 1-1 coaching call where we can discuss your own child and I can provide particular strategies or advice to help them. A questionaire will be sent to you before the call so we can get the most out of our time together. Additional sessions can be purchased if needed.

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